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Urban Mane Hair Studio is a full service salon located in Atlantic Highlands NJ. Owner Michael Valeriani has been a hairstylist in Monmouth County for 10 years. Michael has used his experience and passion to create Urban Mane Hair Studio, a space to relax, unwind, and create a customized look for your individual needs. The team at Urban Mane Hair Studio has been together for 5 plus years. The Stylists keep up with the latest trends and techniques with education from leaders in our industry. 


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46 First Avenue 

Atlantic Highlands NJ, 07716

Tel: 732.708.2093  


Sunday: Closed 

Monday: Closed 

Tuesday: 9am-4pm 

Wednesday: 1pm-9pm 

Thursday: 10am-8pm 

Friday: 10am-6pm 

Saturday: 9am-3pm

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